For more information about how to safely use our appliances, please click on the link to our educational material: thermomix-basics.com/UAE

If you have specific questions you need answered, contact our customer care line on info@thermomix-me.com or +971 4 399 5596

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The safety and wellbeing of our customers is and continues to be our highest priority. Vorwerk Elektrowerke, the manufacturer of the Thermomix, has launched a global educational campaign called “Thermomix Basics” to ensure all Thermomix appliances are being used appropriately and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and the user manual. As with all kitchen and electrical appliances it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and exercise care when using them.

This campaign is targeting mainly the TM31 customers However, the majority of the information delivered in the “Thermomix Basics” campaign is also relevant for the TM5 customers.

The TM5 and TM31 appliances are safe to operate when used appropriately and in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions and the user manuals. The “Thermomix Basics” campaign draws together all the essential safety rules. If you own a TM31 model, please ensure your bowl lid sealing ring is not damaged or worn; it should be replaced immediately if it is more than two years old or is damaged or worn. You can order a new one from your local customer service.